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Document Details

Title: Morales, Victor
Document type: Oral history
Accessibility: Free Only
Repository: University of Texas, Arlington. Central Library. Special Collections Department
Collection: Tejano Voices: University of Texas at Arlington Center for Mexican American Studies Oral History Project
Series: Item 2 of Series Victor Morales
Description: This second interview with Victor Morales begins with a review of his accomplishments as a city councilman for Crandall, Texas. He gives details about his grassroots campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for the U.S. Senate, and his campaign against Phil Gramm. Morales talks about problems he faced during his political campaigns, which include raising money to support his political endeavors and obtaining Democratic Party financial support. He elaborates upon his perceptions of Phil Gramm's character and discusses Senator Gramm's campaign tactics. He discusses the role of the media in discrediting his candidacy largely by ignoring him in newspaper write-ups and coverage. Morales comments on the lack of moral and financial support offered by Mexican American organizations. He identifies the Mexican American Democrats as the only organization to give him financial backing. Morales discusses his role at the Democratic National Convention for Clinton's 1996 nomination for President, and he describes his thoughts and emotions upon being interviewed by all the major television networks and receiving positive comments on his speech performance from notable congressional Democrats and Hillary Clinton. He concludes the interview by stating that he hopes that voters will learn to understand his personality and not let it sway them from voting for him for public office because his agenda is solid and does not include special interest groups' agendas.
Extent: 84 pages
Original Language: English
Audio: [Audio available]
Time span: Not indicated ... to 1996 (Year of interview)
Speaker: Morales, Victor, 1949-
Speaker gender: Male
Speaker date of birth: 15-Nov-1949
Speaker place of birth: Racine, WI; Wisconsin; United States; North America
Speaker occupation: Educator
Age at speaking: 47
Document location: Dallas, TX
Document date: 02-Jul-1996
Interviewer: Gutierrez, Jose Angel
People discussed: Blythe, William Jefferson; Clinton, Bill; Clinton, William Jefferson, 1946-; William Jefferson Clinton
Organizations discussed: Democratic Party, US; Mexican American Democrats of Texas; U.S. Congress. Senate
Locations discussed: Crandall, TX; North America; Texas; United States
Topics discussed - ASP terms: Blythe, William Jefferson; City council members--Texas; Clinton, Bill; Clinton, William Jefferson, 1946-; Community; Crandall, TX; Democratic Party, US; Hispanic American leadership--Texas; Hispanic American politicians; Hispanic Americans--Texas; Mexican American Democrats of Texas; North America; Oral history; Political campaigns--Texas; Political campaigns--United States; Political science; Texas; Texas--Politics and government; U.S. Congress. Senate; United States; United States--Politics and government; William Jefferson Clinton
ASP release: 2005-06
Document code: OHI0000227-172