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Document Details

Title: Reminiscences of Frances Perkins
RLIN number: NXCP87-A156
Document type: Oral history
Accessibility: Free Only
Repository: Columbia University. Oral History Research Office
Collection: Individual Interview List Oral History Project
Description: An extended memoir dealing in particular with the following: Mt. Holyoke College; social work in Chicago and Philadelphia; New York: Consumers' League, 54-hour bill, Triangle fire, Factory Investigation Commission, 1909-10; womens' suffrage, 1905-10; New York State Legislature, 1910-13; Mayor John P. Mitchel's administration, 1913-17; art and literature; Committee on Safety; World War I; New York Industrial Commission; Democratic National Convention, 1920; Merchants Association; Spargo Wire Company strike; Alfred E. Smith as Governor; Democratic National Convention, 1924; Mayor James Walker and Tammany Hall; workmen's compensation, 1922-28; New York election of 1926; labor unions and labor legislation; election of 1928; Alfred E. Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt; New York Labor Department; unemployment, 1929-32; New York election of 1930; Samuel Seabury Investigation; election of 1932; women and careers; Secretary of Labor, 1933-45; inauguration, 1933; the cabinet; reorganizing the Department of Labor; press and congressional relations; General Pelham Glassford and migrant labor;; 520 |aBlack bill; relief; Federal Emergency Relief Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration; Russian recognition; New York election of 1934; background of National Recovery Administration; Title II; administrative committees; Section 7(a) and textile code; coal and steel codes; Atlanta speech; National Labor Relations Board; Avondale strike; automobile workers; Toledo strike; Akron sit-down strike; General Motors strike, 1937; steel strike; San Francisco longshoremen's strike; election of 1936; Walsh-Healy Act; Schechter case; Supreme Court fight; Communist Party; outbreak of World War II; third term issue; election of 1940; cabinet reorganization; Department of Labor preparing for war; Advisory Commission to the Council for National Defense; Lend-Lease; Cabinet Propaganda Committee; Pearl Harbor; labor and manpower in wartime; President Harry Truman; Civil Service Commission, International Labor Office.
Extent: Transcript: 5,566 leaves, Miscellaneous papers relating to oral history
Restrictions: Access: Open. Copyright by The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, 1976. Permission required to cite, quote, and reproduce. Contact repository for information. Microfiche copy available for purchase. (Columbia University oral history collection, part III, published by Meckler Publishing, Westport, CT).
Original Language: English
Time span: Not indicated ... to 1955 (Year of interview)
Speaker: Perkins, Frances, 1882-1965
Speaker gender: Female
Speaker date of birth: 1882
Speaker occupation: Government executive
Age at speaking: 73
Document date: 1955
Interviewer: Albertson, Dean, 1920-
Organizations discussed: Democratic Party, US; U.S. Department of Labor
Historical events discussed: World War II, 1939-1945
Locations discussed: North America; United States
Topics discussed - ASP terms: Democratic Party, US; Government executives--United States; Labor unions; North America; Oral history; Public welfare--United States; Strikes and lockouts; U.S. Department of Labor; United States; United States--Politics and government--1901-1953; United States--Social conditions; Women in politics; Women social reformers; World War II, 1939-1945
Topics discussed - Other terms: New Deal, 1933-1939; New York (State)--Politics and government--1865-1950; Perkins, Frances, 1882-1965; United States--Economic policy--1933-1945
ASP release: 2005-06
Document code: OHI0017448-12891