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Document Details

Title: Reminiscences of John Elbridge Hines
RLIN number: NXCP88-A66
Document type: Oral history
Accessibility: Free Only
Repository: Columbia University. Oral History Research Office
Collection: Individual Interview List Oral History Project
Description: Family background; education: University of the South, Virginia Theological Seminary; early ministries in Missouri, Georgia and Texas; Bishop Coadjutor of Texas, 1945-55: history and position of diocese of Texas, program for rural expansion, institutional growth with founding of coeducational preparatory school, Seminary of the Southwest, St. Luke's Hospital; racial tension and segregation: transfer of 1955 General Convention of the Episcopal Church from Houston to Honolulu; Bishop of Texas, 1955-65: missionary expansion, desegregation of church-related institutions, educational program, clergy benefits, concern for social justice; member, National Council Episcopal Church, as priest, 1943-46 and bishop 1957: discussion of major church issues under Presiding Bishops Sherrill and Lichtenberger; Lambeth Conference, 1958; Presiding Bishop, 1965-75: state of church and nation, emphasis on social issues; controversy with Bishop James A. Pike; development of General Convention Special Program, speech at Seattle General Convention 1967, screening committee and grants; pressure to divest on corporations with South African investments; Lambeth Conference 1968: denial of ordination of women, establishment of Anglican Consultative Council; James Forman and Black Manifesto; Second Special General Convention at South Bend, 1969: additional representation, security precautions, disruption of meetings, issues of racism, sexism, war debated; Federal Bureau of Investigation and grand jury investigations; creation of Board for Theological Education; Booz Allen study of administration of national church; financial problems: staff cuts, convention costs, split level giving; Houston General Convention: problems of overseas missions, role of women, decreased funding of Special Programs, trial liturgies, no additional representation, threats and body guards; planning for Louisville General Convention, transfer from Jacksonville; early announcement of intention to resign as Presiding Bishop in 1974; impressions of many leaders in the Episcopal Church.
Extent: Transcript: 534 leaves, Tape: 8 reels
Restrictions: Access: Open. Permission required to cite, quote, and reproduce. Contact repository for information.
Original Language: English
Time span: Not indicated ... to 1984 (Year of interview)
Speaker: Hines, John Elbridge, 1910-
Speaker gender: Male
Speaker date of birth: 1910
Speaker occupation: Bishop of the Episcopal Church
Age at speaking: 74
Document date: 1984
Interviewer: Mason, John T., 1909-
Organizations discussed: Methodist Episcopal Church
Locations discussed: North America; United States
Topics discussed - ASP terms: Bishops; Methodist Episcopal Church; North America; Race relations--United States; Religion; United States
Topics discussed - Other terms: Church and social problems--Anglican Communion; Church polity--Episcopal Church; Episcopal Church--Presiding Bishop and Council; Hines, John Elbridge, 1910-
ASP release: 2005-06
Document code: OHI0020227-15669