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Document Details

Title: Reminiscences of Ralph W. Tyler
RLIN number: NXCP94-A4
Document type: Oral history
Accessibility: Free Only
Repository: Columbia University. Oral History Research Office
Collection: Individual Interview List Oral History Project
Description: Family background and education in Nebraska; post-graduate education, teaching, and research in testing at the University of Nebraska and The University of Chicago: experiments in reading and listening, relation of society to education; teaching and curriculum planning at The University of North Carolina and Ohio State University: the relevance of tests for teaching, effects of the Depression on education, the Cooperative test service; the eight-year study: origins, staff, administration, school politics, impact on education; work at The University of Chicago: undergraduate program, the Cooperative Study in General Education, the Orthogenic School, appraising New York City Activity Schools, establishment of interdisciplinary committees; promotion in 1948 to Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, approach to administration, White House conferences with President Dwight D. Eisenhower; The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences: early planning stages, role as director 1953-1967, first Board of Trustees, selection of fellows; special education projects and consultations in the United States: desegregating the Atlanta, Georgia schools, 1960s; the Extension Service, 1930s-1960s: Four-H Clubs, Agricultural Extension Service, youth programs; work with Bureau of Indian Affairs; cooperative work-study programs in higher education; the Educational Research Advisory Council; influence of pressure groups and the federal government on education; role in the University of Massachusetts Coalition for School Improvement, the Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, Michigan, North Carolina State University, and San Ramon, California School District; consultations and special projects abroad; education in the United States: the National Assessment of Education Progress, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, study of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the fallacy of "top-down" planning, role of the school principal, role of parents in education, private vs. public schools, teacher training; experiences on various boards, foundations and commissions; reflections on his life and writings, the women's movement, the "Tyler rationale", teaching, major life influences.
Extent: Transcript: 424 leaves
Restrictions: Access: Permission required to cite or quote. Copyright by The Regents of the University of California, 1987. Permission required to cite, quote, and reproduce. Contact repository for information.
Original Language: English
Speaker: Tyler, Ralph W., 1902-
Speaker gender: Male
Speaker date of birth: 1902
Speaker occupation: Educator
Document date: Undated
Interviewer: Chall, Malca
Organizations discussed: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Locations discussed: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Georgia; Illinois; North America; United States
Topics discussed - ASP terms: Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Education--United States; Educators; Georgia; Illinois; North America; Segregation in education; Teacher educators; United States; University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Topics discussed - Other terms: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences; Educational assessment; Educational reform; Educational research; Educational tests and measurements; Education--Experimental methods; Education--Government policy; Extension Services; Society and education--United States; Tyler, Ralph W., 1902-; University of Chicago--Department of Education
ASP release: 2005-06
Document code: OHI0021350-16789