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Collection Name Collection Details Est. Total Document Details Text Audio Video
American Bar Association Section Detail 1
American Foundations Oral History Project Detail 42
AURA: Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. Detail 4
Autobiography: Edward O. Craft Detail 1
Autobiography: Ernest D. Butler Detail 1
Autobiography: Hobert Billingsley Detail 1
Autobiography: John M. Cooper Detail 1
Autobiography: Mary M. Barr-Koon Detail 1
Autobiography: Raymond Seifert Detail 1
Autobiography: Robert C. Wiles Detail 1
Biography: Helen Gahagan Douglas Detail 18
Biography: Homer E. Capehart Detail 29
Biography: Ignatius Donnelly Detail 1
Biography: J. Edward Roush Detail 3
Biography: John Hurt Detail 5
Biography: Martin Luther King, Jr. Detail 2
Biography: Melvyn Douglas Detail 35
Biography: Morris Ernst Detail 1
Biography: William Fortune Detail 2
Blacksmithing Detail 1
Careers in Librarianship Detail 10
Castleton, Indiana in Transition Detail 4
Christian School Movement Detail 10
Claude Barnett and the Associated Negro Press Detail 7
Committee for Environmental Information Detail 4
Communism in the United States Detail 1
Council on Foundations Detail 17
Development on Political Science Detail 1
Dubois County: Christian Communities in Southern Indiana Detail 10
Dubois County: German Americans Detail 10
Dubois County: Home for God's People Detail 10
Dubois County: Hoosier Faiths/Communities Detail 10
Dubois County: Religion, Community, and Ethnic Identity Detail 11
Dubois County: The Interwar Years Detail 10
Early Women Workers at the Bloomington RCA Plant Detail 9
Economic Development in Indiana Detail 29
Economic History of Indiana Detail 162
Generations of Auto Workers: Anderson, Indiana Detail 28
Hamburg University Nursing Home Study Detail 8
Historic Preservation in Indiana Detail 12
History and Development of Girls High School Sports Detail 27
History of Business Detail 1
History of Indiana Detail 12
History of Middle Way House Detail 3
History of New Harmony, Indiana Detail 8
History of St. Meinrad Arch Abbey Detail 3
History: Calumet, Michigan Detail 9
History: Indiana Humanities Council Detail 10
History: Indiana University Detail 90
History: Indiana University Center on Philanthropy Detail 23
History: Kinsey Institute for Sex Research Detail 26
History: Modern Theatre Detail 5
History: Paoli, Indiana Detail 40
History: Pike County, Indiana Detail 1
History: Starke County, Indiana Detail 12
History: Stringtown, Indiana Detail 16
Immigrant Groups in Indiana Detail 15
Indian American Communities in Fort Wayne Detail 18
Indian American Communities in Indiana Detail 21
Indian American Communities in the Hoosier State Detail 12
Indian American Diaspora in the Hoosier State Detail 22
Indiana Automobile Industry Detail 2
Indiana Labor History Project Detail 21
Indiana Medicine Detail 59
Indiana Politics Detail 3
Indiana University Folklore Institute Detail 43
Indiana University History Department Centennial Detail 9
Indiana University Oral History Archive Detail 190
Indiana University School of Music Detail 1
Indianapolis Blues Detail 5
Jewish Life in Indiana Detail 7
Korean Immigrants in Indiana Detail 10
Legal Profession in Indiana Detail 6
Life History: Ruth Rives Detail 1
Louisville Tornado 1974 Detail 17
Manhattan Project Detail 2
Media Perceptions of Contemporary Problems Detail 10
Medical Profession in Indiana Detail 3
Mental Health Care in Indiana Detail 4
Movie Theatre History in Bloomington, Indiana Detail 10
National Forests in Indiana Detail 4
People of Indianapolis Detail 43
Personal Experiences in World War I Detail 9
Perspectives on the Indiana Economy Detail 30
Philanthropy: History of Fundraising Detail 20
Planned Parenthood Association Detail 3
Port Gibson, Mississippi Detail 2
Preservers of the Past: Indiana County Historical Societies Detail 11
Remembering Indiana in the Twentieth Century Detail 15
Retired Indiana University Faculty Detail 15
Roller Skating Association Detail 4
Romanian Americans in Lake County, Indiana Detail 115
Social Face of Death Detail 24
Social History of Spencer, Indiana Detail 55
Social Work Detail 1
Socialism in Indiana: 1920s Detail 3
Southern Conference for Human Welfare/Educational Fund Detail 5
Stones River National Battlefield Community Oral History Detail 10
Studebaker Detail 50
Testimonies: Documenting the Lives and Faith of Latino Immigrants Detail 14
Tuba-Euphonium Oral History Detail 11
U.S. Foreign Relations in WW II Detail 4
Ukrainian-Americans in the Midwest Detail 13
Village Mothers Oral History Project Detail 92
Wartime Military Experiences Detail 12
West Side Community Center, Bloomington, Indiana Detail 5
Whiting, Indiana: Generational Memory Detail 88
William E. Jenner and Indiana Politics Detail 18
Women's History Collection Detail 6
Writing the Saga of Coe Ridge Detail 1
Writings of Bruce A. Rosenberg Detail 1