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Collection Name Collection Details Est. Total Document Details Text Audio Video
Across Borders Project Detail
Adams Center (VMI) Cold War History Project Detail 5
Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams Project Detail 51 53
After the Day of Infamy: Man on the Street Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 Detail
Air Force Academy Project Detail 25
Alexandra Kollontai Project Detail 13
Allard K. Lowenstein Project Detail 81
American China Mission Project Oral History Detail 36
American Jews in Israel: Collection I Detail
American Jews in Israel: Collection II Detail
Americans in Vietnam Series Detail 60
Anne Avantaggio Meyer Papers Detail 6
Armed Forces Oral History: Korean War Studies and After-Action Reports Detail
Artistes Detail 2
Ashes and Tears Interviews Detail 17
Asian Americans: South Bay/Los Angeles Nisei Detail 16 15
Asian Garment Workers in New York City Detail 5
Australian National University Oral History Project Detail 25
Azalia Emma Peet, 1902-1974 Detail
Azerbaijan Oral History Project 1988-1991 Detail 18
Barbara Allen Oral Histories Detail
Benedum and the Oil Industry Project Detail 33
Bovey Autograph Collection Detail
British in India Oral Archive Detail 114
Cambodian-American Women Oral History Project Detail 25
Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History Project Detail 80
China Missionaries Oral History Collection Detail
China Missionaries Project Detail 44
China Policy and the National Security Council Oral History Detail 1 13
Chinese Oral History Project Detail 16
Chinese Urbanization and Urban Planning and American Studies in China Detail 16
Cid Corman Letters to David Giannini Detail
Civil Air Transport/Air America Oral History Interviews Detail 12 7 11
Clara Steen Skott Papers Detail
Col. Arthur L. Kelly American Military Veterans Oral History Project Detail 283
Cold War Narratives Detail 15 4
Cold War Oral History Detail 159 165
College of Wooster Oral History Collection Detail 25
Connecticut Soldiers Collection Detail
Connecticut Soldiers Collection: Ward Family Papers Detail
Czechoslovakia 1968 Collection Detail 4
Dag Hammarskjold Project Detail 6
De Caro - Jordan Anglo - Indian Series Detail 40
Dean Rusk Oral History Collection Detail 185
Demas Lindley Sears Detail
Desert Shield/Desert Storm Interview Tapes Detail 116 64
Edna Hidlebaugh Papers Detail
Engineer Memoirs Detail 10
Ethnic Studies: Chinese American Detail 1
Examining the Korean War: Oral History Interviews Detail 7 7
Exciting Times, High Hopes Project Detail 25
Flying Tigers Project Detail 17
Fortunoff Video Holocaust Testimonies Detail 4250 8 8
Frank Chin Oral History Collection Detail 156
George M. Dorsey Letters Detail 93
George Percival Scriven: An American in Bohol, The Philippines Detail
Gettysburg College Oral History Collection Detail
Grace McClurg Carson Detail
Gulf War Detail 33
Gulf War Oral History Detail 19 19
Heights Remembers World War II Oral History Project Detail 20 22
Henry H. Arnold Project Detail 25
History 303: World War II Interviews Detail
History of India Detail 2
Hmong Oral Histories Project Detail 9
Holocaust Memorial Museum Oral History Program Detail 7000
Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive Detail 155 57 56
Immigrant Voyages Detail 27
In Search of Silenced Voices: Indonesian Exiles of the Left Detail
India Association of Minnesota Oral History Project Phase 1 Detail 16
India Association of Minnesota Oral History Project Phase 2 Detail 15
Indian American Communities in Fort Wayne Detail 18
Indian American Communities in Indiana Detail 21
Indian American Communities in the Hoosier State Detail 12
Indian American Diaspora in the Hoosier State Detail 22
Institute for the History of the Hungarian Revolution Oral History Archive Detail 854
Iranian Oral History Program Detail 134 7 5
Iranian-American Relations Project Detail 180
Iraq Experience Project Detail 33
Irving Abella Collection Detail
Israeli Women Speak Out Detail 26
Iwao Frederick Ayusawa Papers Detail
J. T. Dickman Papers Detail
James J. French Letters Received Detail 39
Japanese American Legacy Project Detail 25
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive: Oral Histories Detail 214 188
Japanese Oral History Interviews Detail 18 18
Japanese Women Project Detail 2
Jewish Veterans of the Gulf War Detail
Jews of Shanghai Detail 17
John DeRosier Collection Detail 1
Jones Family Papers Detail
Joseph Harnett Papers Detail
Kalihi: Place of Transition Detail 31
Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust Oral History Program Detail
Killing Fields Survivors Society Oral History Project Detail 8
Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway Oral History Collection Detail 15
Korean Conflict Detail
Korean Immigrants in Indiana Detail 10
Korean War, Floyd County Oral History Project Detail 1 1
Local Heroes: An Oral History of World War II - Middle East, Mediterranean, and North Africa Detail 14
Lois Baker Muehl Papers Detail
Long Beach Area History: Terminal Island Issei/Nisei Detail 9 10
Louis (Kid) Kaplan Papers Detail
Louise De Kiriline Lawrence Collection Detail 1
Marine Corps Project Detail 89
Mark Gayn Papers Detail 30
Martha Eimen Papers Detail
Mary Dominica Urbany Papers Detail
Medicine, Science, Biotechnology, and Public Health Detail 29 21
Mediterranean Oral History Project Detail 15
Memories of America's War Oral History Project Detail 2 2
Military History Oral History Program Detail 110
Miner's Son, Miners' Photographer: The Life and Work of George Harvan Detail 5 5 5
National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Section II Detail 251
NATO Strategy and Nuclear Planning: Oral History Interview Transcripts Detail 5
Naval Institute Oral History Program Detail 220
Netherlands Oral History Archive on Indonesia 1940-1962 Detail
North Bay Ethnic Archive--Oral History Collection Detail 46
Occupation of Japan Project Detail 25
Oceanography Detail 55
Old China Hands Oral History Project Detail 25
Oral Histories from the Colorado Germans from Russia Collection Detail 60 24 20
Oral Histories of Soviet Jewish Immigrants in Greater Boston, 1998 Detail
Oral History Interviews with Communist Party Officials, Their Relatives and Dissidents Detail 48
Oral History Project Iran: Interviews with Iranian Left Activists Detail 28
Oral History Project on Former Soviet Political Elite Detail
Papers of MAJ Earl and Florence Hallgren Detail
Peg Mullen Papers Detail
Penang Story Project Detail
Personal and Family Histories Detail 24
Philippine Insurrection Diaries of Kar D. White Company K, 32nd Volunteer Infantry, 1899-1901 Detail
Philippines Project Detail 11
Policymakers Detail
Prisoners of War in World War II Detail 15
Radio Liberty Project Detail 75
Recollection of the Korean War Detail 25
Redstone Arsenal Oral History Interviews Detail 10 4 6
REgenerations Oral History Project Detail 41
Rekod Sejarah Lisan Oral History Recordings Detail
Robert Emmet Lucey Papers Detail
Roxana Cannon Arsht Papers Detail
Russian Mennonite Immigrants Oral History Project Detail 81
Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II Web Archive Detail 290 290
Ruth Fatherson Taylor Papers Detail
Ruth Laughlin Papers Detail
Ruth V. Hemenway Papers, 1924-1979 Detail
Shanghai Jewish Community Oral History Project Detail 100
Shuttle Mir Oral Histories Detail 71
Southeast Asian History: Cambodian Life Histories Detail 11 10 1
Southeast Asian History: Hmong Detail 6 7
Southeast Asian History: Life in Cambodia, 1979 to 1993 Detail 10 10
Southern Communities: Listening for a Change - Asian Voices Detail
Southern Communities: Listening for a Change - Cambodian Community in Greensboro, NC Detail
Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History Collection Detail
Soviet Jewish Emigres in America Detail
Soviet Jewry Movement in America Detail
Special Research Projects: Middle Eastern Female Immigrants in North Carolina Detail 4
Special Research Projects: North Carolina Communities - Montagnard Refugees from Vietnam Detail 9
Stephen Grellet Papers Detail
Suez Oral History Project Detail 22
Survivors: Women in Uniform during the Vietnam War Detail 10
Terminal Island Life History Project Detail 25
Tilden/Brown Family Papers Detail
Transition of Hmong Immigrants to the United States: Oral Histories from Providence, Rhode Island Detail 8
Tun Jugah Oral History Project Detail 13
U.S. Foreign Relations in WW II Detail 4
U.S. Latinos and Latinas and World War II Detail 400
U.S.-Japan Project Oral History Program Detail 25 19
Uchinanchu: A History of Okinawans in Hawaii Detail 15
Ukrainian Famine 1932-33 Collection Detail 60
VCTR Biography Collection Detail 55
Vernell R. Miller Detail 101
Veteran Life History Project Detail 26
Veterans History Project Detail 2667 227 1072 948
Veterans History Project: Korean War Detail 11
Veterans History Project: Persian Gulf War Detail 2
Veterans History Project: Vietnam War Detail 12
Veterans History Project: World War II Detail 63
Veterans' Oral History - Vietnam Era Detail 5
Veterans Oral History World War II Detail 20
Victorians at War - Oral History Project Detail 20 20
Vietnam Detail 7
Vietnam Archive Oral History Project Detail 111 221
Vietnam Experiences Detail 25
Vietnam Generation Detail 30
Vietnam Interview Tape Collection Detail 4 11
Vietnam Veterans Oral History Project Detail 25
Vietnam Veterans Project Detail 43
Vietnam War Political Demonstrations Collections Detail 7 7
Vietnam: Oral Histories from Those Who Were There Detail 18 18 10
Village Mothers Oral History Project Detail 92
Voice of Hibakusha Detail 16
War and Memory Oral History Project Detail 18 19
War and Rumors of War: True War Stories Detail 13
Wartime Military Experiences Detail 12
Whole World Was Watching: an Oral History of 1968 Detail 31 24
Why I Left the Old Country and What I Achieved in the U.S. Detail 1
Wisconsin Jewish Archives Oral History Interviews Detail 11
Wisconsin War Letters: Digital Collection Detail
Women in Progressive Movement Detail
Women in the Left Movement Detail 2
Women Veterans Historical Collection Digital Project Detail
World War II Narratives Detail 8 9
World War II Oral History Interviews Detail 27 2
World War II Oral History Project Detail 15
World War II, Floyd County Oral History Project Detail 3 2