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Collection Name Collection Details Est. Total Document Details Text Audio Video
Adrienne Lacour Series Detail 13
African American Artists of Los Angeles Detail 13
African American Catholic Women Detail
African American Pioneers in Flagstaff Oral History Collection Detail 10
African Americans in El Paso History Detail
Air Force Academy Project Detail 25
Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum Oral History Project Detail
American Foundations Oral History Project Detail 42
American Gay Community Project Detail 1
Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Detail 3
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History Oral History Collection Detail
Birmingham Black Oral History Project Detail
Black and White Women in Atlanta Public Life, Series J Detail 7
Black Appalachians Oral History Project, 1991 Detail
Black Archives Oral History Collection Detail 56
Black Community Project Detail 24
Black Elders of the Seacoast Detail 14 5
Black Empowerment in Burke County, Series I Detail 3
Black History Oral Histories/Black Women Detail 43 9
Black Involvement in Politics, Series E Detail 18
Black Journalists Project Detail 97
Black Labor Leaders Project Detail 4
Black Military Oral History Project Detail 30
Black Oral History Collection Detail 8 8
Black Oral History Collection Detail
Black Panthers Project Detail 25
Black Press Oral History Project Detail 3
Black Sport in Pittsburgh Detail 54
Black Thought and Culture Detail 93
Black Women Oral History Detail 72
Black Women Oral History Project Detail 63
Charleszetta Waddles Collection Detail 1
Civil Rights Documentation Project Detail 149 157
Civil Rights in US and Virginia History Collection Detail 14 14 13
Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky Oral History Detail 176 3 4 1
Civil Rights Narratives Detail 7 2
Dan Sweat, Series P Detail 1
Delaware Oral History Program: African Americans Detail 8
Donor Oral History Program Detail 7
Ethnic Fraternal Organizations Oral History Project Detail 25
Frank de Caro Folklife in Louisiana Photography Series Detail 18
Grace Lee Boggs Collection Detail 1
Guide to the Oral History Project Files, 1992-1995 Detail
Herbert Alfred Vaughan Papers Detail
Jerry Jazz Musician Interviews Detail 25
Jim Crow Stories Personal Narratives Detail 35 5 11
Kellogg African American Health Care Project Detail 40
Lois Fernandez Detail 1
Macon Community Collection Detail
McKinley High School Oral History Project Series Detail 125
Minnesota Black History Project Detail 32
Miscellaneous Tapes and Transcriptions Detail 29
Myra L. Spaulding Papers Detail
National Union of Hospitals and Health Care Employees. Oral Histories, 1975-79 Detail 83
Negro League Oral History Collection Detail 8
Oral History by African American Rochesterians Detail
Oral History Kellytown Detail
Our Stories: Narratives, Interviews and Memories Detail 6
Our Valley Oral History Project Detail
Overton Community Detail 2
Peoples of Connecticut Detail 134
Ralph J. Bunch Collection Detail 780
Ridge Street Oral Histories Detail 10 15 12
Robert C. Maynard Oral History Collection Detail 20 13
Rosa Parks Collection Detail 1
Secc Appalachian Archive Oral History Collection Detail
Slave Narratives Detail 16
South Asheville Colored Cemetery, 1840-1943 Detail 7 7
Southern Blacks Migration to Pittsburgh Detail 25
Springfield Race Riot Detail 2
Texas History Collection Detail 201
United Negro College Fund Project Detail 25
University History Series Detail 251
University of California Black Alumni Series Detail 7 7
Vietnam Generation Detail 30
Voting Rights Act Oral History Project Detail 300
West Side Community Center, Bloomington, Indiana Detail 5
William Lynwood Montell Oral Histories Detail
Wray Collection Oral History Collection Detail