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Collection Name Collection Details Est. Total Document Details Text Audio Video
A. J. A. Symons Papers Detail
Abbie Huston Evans Letters to Odell Shepard Detail 18
Alfred Chester Letters to Curtis Harnack Detail 31
Alice Dunbar-Nelson Papers Detail
American Life Histories, Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project, 1936-1940 Detail 6786
Angelina Weld Grimké Papers Detail
Anita Loos Letters to Ray Pierre Corsini Detail 21
Anne Thackeray Ritchie Biographical Introductions to The Compete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray Detail
Anthony Kerrigan Papers Detail
Archive of Pagany Detail
Archive of The Park 1 Detail
Arlo Bates and George L. Vose Papers Detail
Austrian Project Detail 24
Benjamin Capps Papers Detail
Bernard Malamud Papers Detail
Brian Coffey Papers Detail
Carl Haverlin Papers relating to Carl Sandburg Detail
Carol Bly Papers Detail
Charles Henri Ford Letters to Ted Joans Detail 46
Charles Morgan Letters to Ronald Armstrong Detail 240
China Missionaries Project Detail 44
Christopher Ward Papers Detail
Cid Corman Journals Detail
Clarence Major Archives Detail
Clement King Shorter Papers Detail
Collection of Diane Di Prima Letters and Poetry Detail 30
Dan Brennan Papers Detail
David R. Clark Papers Detail
David T. Bazelon Papers Detail
Donald Barthelme Collection Detail
Donald Clifford Simak Papers Detail
Donald Justice Papers Detail
Earl Wayland Bowman Papers Detail
Edmund L. Binsfeld Papers Detail
Edna Ferber Letters to Flora Mae Holly Detail
Edward Field Alfred Chester Archives Detail
Edward Field Papers Detail
Eileen B. Simpson Papers Detail
Eleanor and Frederick B. Reid Papers related to Jack B. Yeats Detail 39
Eliza Hickok Kesler Papers Detail
Elva de Pue Mathews Papers Detail
Emily Holmes Coleman Papers Detail
Fisher Family Papers Detail
Florence Reynolds Collection related to Jane Heap and The Little Review Detail
Frank Elli Papers Detail
Fridolf Johnson Papers Detail
Gene Phillips Collection of James T. Farrell Papers Detail
George E. Brown Letters Detail
George Moore Collection Detail 81
George Moore Letters to Lady Leonie Leslie Detail 11
Gilbert Sorrentino Letters to David Markson Detail 248
Gillis Long Series Detail 34
H. P. Lovecraft Correspondence Detail
Henry Miller Literacy Society Detail 283
Henry Mills Alden Papers Detail
Howard McCord Papers Detail
Hugh MacDiarmid Papers Detail
Irving Rosenthal Papers Detail 28
J. Hartley Manners Letters to Phiip Troup Detail 8
Jack Butler Yeats Correspondence Detail 51
James Leo Herlihy Papers Detail
James T. Farrell Papers Detail 10
Jane Temple Howard Papers, 1930-1996 Detail
Jay Halio Papers related to Angus Wilson Detail
Jerome Klinkowitz papers relating to Kurt Vonnegut Detail
John Allen Munroe Papers Detail
John Matthias Papers Detail
John Wieners Detail
Jon Pearce Papers Detail 12
Joseph K. Caldwell Papers Detail
Joseph Leonard Carrico Papers Detail
Julian Symons Papers Detail 220
June Jordan and E. Ethelbert Miller Correspondence Collection Detail
Katharine Pyle Papers Detail
Katherine Hoskins Papers Detail 361
Lesbian and Gay Academic Society Collection Detail 1
Letters to Ethel Rolt Wheeler Detail 45
Letters to Gordon Brown Detail 83
Letters to Lucy Clifford Detail
Letters to Richard Cobden Sanderson Detail
Louis Henry and Marguerite Cohn Hemingway Collection Detail
Louis Untermeyer Correspondence with John D. Weaver Detail
Louis Untermeyer Papers Detail
Louise Imogene Guiney Letters sent Detail
Lovecraft-Price Correspondence Detail
Lucille Hasley Papers Detail
Mark Harris Papers Detail
Meridel Le Sueur Papers Detail
Michael Bliss Papers Detail 71
Michel Farano Detail
Montgomery Evans II Collection of Lord Dunsany Manuscripts Detail
Nancy Cunard and Huge Ford Letters to David Garnett Detail 8
Nancy Hale Papers, 1908-1989 Detail
Nancy Pearn Papers Detail 45
Neala Schleuning Meridel Le Sueur Collection Detail
Nell Shipman Papers Detail
New York Financial Writers Association Project Detail 13
Oliver Onions Papers Detail
Oral History Interviews with Frank Waters Detail 4
Orestes Augustus Brownson Papers Detail
Padraic Colum Papers Detail
Papers of Vardis and Opal Fisher Detail
Patricia Filipowska Papers Detail
Patrick J. Carroll Papers Detail
Pauline A. Young Collection Detail
Philip Levine Detail 71
Phyllis Grosskurth Papers Detail 51
Popular Arts Project, Part I Detail 25
R. Brimley Johnson papers relating to Shelley-Leigh Hunt Detail
Richard Hoffman Arthur Miller Collection Detail
Robert E. Spiller Detail 26
Robert Penn Warren Civil Rights Oral History Detail 48 4
Robert Underwood Johnson Collection Detail
Ronald Davis Oral History Collection on the Performing Arts Detail 25
Rudi Holzapfel Letters to Ellen Shannon-Mangan Detail 175
Rudi Holzapfel Papers Detail
Samuel John Hazo Papers Detail
Samuel Loveman Correspondence Detail
Sara Teasdale Letters to Joyce and Aline Kilmer Detail 142
Sara Teasdale Letters to Orrick Johns Detail 44
Sir Gerald Barry Correspondence Detail
Steven Leech Papers Detail
Susan Boyd Papers Detail
Sydney Goodsir Smith Papers Detail
Talcott Williams Papers Detail
Tennessee Williams Collection Detail
Theodore Ensin Correspondence with Howard McCord Detail 85
Thomas Agar Holland Letters to George Reid Detail 15
Thomas J. Jenkins Papers Detail
Toby Olson Letters to Carl Thayler Detail 119
Trams Combs Correspondence Detail
Virginia Spencer Carr Papers Detail
Wilbur Owen Sypherd Papers Detail
William Allen Ward Papers Detail
William Butler Yeats Detail
William C. Anderson Papers Detail
William Carlos Williams Collection Detail 69
Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Online Journal Transcripts Detail
Writings of Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau's Correspondence Detail