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Diaries: George Leslie Adkin, 1884-1964 Wellington, New Zealand. Notes on Adkin's original Maori oral history research which focuses on tribal histories, settlements, and historic sites. Adkin's interviewed Paeroa Wineera and her son Tutuira Wineera (1963) who gave him information on Ngati Toa whakapapa as well as the original Maori place-names for Taupo Pa (ie. Turi-Karewa) and other landmarks around Takapuwahia Pa. [View Collection Details] [View Repository Details]

Judith Mildred De Visme Fyfe, 1944 - Papers of the Matriarchs Wellington, New Zealand. Judith Fyfe has worked as a broadcaster in radio and television and as a scriptwriter for television drama. She was co-founder and executive director of the New Zealand Oral History Archive and in 1987 was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to carry out research into and lecture on oral history in the United States. `Matriarchs: A generation of New Zealand women talk to Judith Fyfe' is about `a group of women who have been chosen to represent aspects of their generation: ten women who are regarded as matriarchs or leaders within their family, community organisation or profession'. Fyfe's aim was to `select women from different levels of society - rural and urban, with different educational racial and cultural backgrounds - who were typical of their generation rather than exceptional.' This was a combined archival/publication project. The aim was both to collect extensive material for the purpose of creating a historical record and to provide subject matter for popular publication. [View Collection Details] [View Repository Details]

Kilbirnie-Lyall Bay Community Centre Oral History Project Wellington, New Zealand. This site contains descriptions of life history interviews with seven long-term residents of Kilbirnie and Lyall Bay in Wellington. You can access audio and video excerpts from each interview. The residents talk about the dramatic physical and social changes they've witnessed in this area of Wellington since the 1920s. [View Collection Details] [View Repository Details] [7 interview(s) listed in this collection]

Society for Research on Women Wellington, New Zealand. The collection comprises records relating to a number of the Society's research projects including surveys on urban women, employers attitudes to women, childcare in a Wellington suburb, political attitudes, child care, a Wellington Branch survey on women returning to the workforce, women and money, women and politics and a Palmerston North Branch oral history project on women and teaching. Also included are the Society's administrative archives including minutes 1966-1990, correspondence, Projects Committee records, membership records, annual reports, financial records, newsletters, drafts of questionnaires, and branch records. [View Collection Details] [View Repository Details]

Takapuna Scout Group: Transcripts of Oral History Interviews Wellington, New Zealand. The transcripts are of oral history interviews made with past members and patrol leaders of the Scout Group. They recount their memoirs of the activities of the troop and their impression of some of the troop leaders. Comments on scouting in the early 20th century are also included. [View Collection Details] [View Repository Details]