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Table of Contents: Collections

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Collection Name Collection Details Est. Total Document Details Text Audio Video
A. J. A. Symons Papers Detail
A. James McAdams German Democratic Republic Oral History Project Detail 85
A. Louise Mays Papers Detail
A. Lowell Randall Detail 250
A. Randolph Lushby Collection Detail 1
Aaron Copland Collection, Ca. 1900-1990 Detail
Aaron R. Gould Letters Detail 23
Aaron Thomas Journal Detail 8 8
Abbie Huston Evans Letters to Odell Shepard Detail 18
Abercraf Community Study Detail 12
Aberfan Study - An Unknown Spring Detail 13
Abilene Christian University Oral History Collection Detail
Aboriginal Cultures and Traditions - The Storytellers Detail 70
Abraham A. Ribicoff Project Detail 1
Abraham D. Beame Administration Project Detail 38
Abraham Lincoln Collection at the Library of Congress Detail
Abraham Maricle Papers Detail
Abram Joseph Ryan Letters sent Detail
Acadian Handicraft Project Series Detail 10
Across Borders Project Detail
Ada Mae Brown Brinton Detail 1
Adah A. E. Bickford Diary Detail
Adams Center (VMI) Cold War History Project Detail 5
Addicts Who Survived Project Detail 25
Adlai E. Stevenson Project Detail 175
Adlai E. Stevenson Project Detail 7
Adlai E. Stevenson Project II Detail 3
Administrative History of the National Park of American Samoa Detail
Adrienne Lacour Series Detail 13
Adult Education Study Detail 10
Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams Project Detail 51 53
African American Artists of Los Angeles Detail 13
African American Catholic Women Detail
African American Experiences in Durham, North Carolina Detail 24
African American History Collection Detail 54
African American Life and Culture Detail 107
African American Mills Alums Detail 3
African American Pioneers in Flagstaff Oral History Collection Detail 10
African American Richmond: Educational Segregation and Desegregation Detail 14 18
African Americans in El Paso History Detail
African Americans in Southeast Idaho Detail 25
AFSCME Oral Histories Detail 61
After the Day of Infamy: Man on the Street Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 Detail
Agnes Just Reid Papers Detail 1
Agricultural Equipment Collection Detail 1
Agricultural History Detail 130
Agricultural History Santa Cruz County Detail 55 6
Agricultural Information Oral History Detail 18
Agriculture, Water Resources, and Land Use Detail 392
Air Force Academy Project Detail 25
Air Force Oral History Program Detail 25
Alachua Portrait Detail 25
Alain LeRoy Locke Papers Detail
Alamo Navajo Oral History Project Detail 23
Alaska and Polar Regions Collections Detail 25
Alaska Statehood Commission. Alaska Statehood Movement Oral History Project Detail 52
Alaska Women's Oral History Project Detail 133
Alaskan Pioneers Project Detail 2
Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum Oral History Project Detail
Albany Historical Society Oral History Collection Detail 19
Albert College Collection Detail 25
Albert Francis Zahm Papers Detail
Albert J. Nevins Papers Detail
Albert L. Alford Papers Detail
Alberta Evelyn Swan Lehman Papers Detail
Alberta Metcalf Kelly Papers Detail
Albertson Family Papers Detail
Albina Ministerial Alliance Detail
Albion State Normal School Detail 25
Alden W. Clausen Detail 8
Alexander Family Detail
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers at the Library of Congress Detail
Alexander Henry Collection Detail 17
Alexander Marion Kirsch Papers Detail
Alexander Wilson Papers Detail
Alexander-Crawford Historical Society Oral History Collection Detail 25
Alexandra Kollontai Project Detail 13
Alexis Coquillard Family Papers Detail
Alexis Granger Papers Detail
Alfred Chester Letters to Curtis Harnack Detail 31
Alfred Gratz Family Papers Detail
Algonquin Park Museum Collection Detail 140
Alice A. Dunnigan Papers Detail
Alice Dunbar-Nelson Papers Detail
Alice Gorton Hart, 1948-1988 Detail
Alice Griffith Carr Papers Detail
Alice Kelley Papers Detail
Alice Marston Scrapbook Detail
Alice Sophia Brant Papers Detail 25
Alice Tapp Williams Detail
Alice Williamson Diary Detail 1
All Hallows College (Dublin, Ireland) Records Detail
Allan Nevins Project Detail 16
Allard K. Lowenstein Project Detail 81
Allinson Family Papers Detail
Alma Erickson Swanson Papers Detail
Almira Safely Rutledge Papers Detail
Alpha Evans Papers Detail
Alternate Service in World War II Oral History Project Detail 22
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center Oral History Interview Series Detail
Alumni-in-Action Oral History Project Detail 50
Alvan Stewart Papers Detail 8 8
Amarilla Hamblin Lee Interview Detail 1
Amber McClintic Papers Detail
Ambleside Oral History Detail 316
Ambrose (A.) Henry Hayward Papers Detail
America at War Collection Oral History Interviews Detail
America to 1860: Selected Primary Resources Detail
American Academy of Pediatrics Oral History Collection Detail
American Academy of Pediatrics Project Detail 2
American Association of Physics Teachers Project Detail 5
American Association of University Professors Detail 13
American Bar Association Section Detail 1
American Bar Foundation Oral History Program Detail 51 12
American China Mission Project Oral History Detail 36
American Civil War: Letters and Diaries Detail 25891 25891
American Craftspeople Project Detail 151
American Cultural Leaders Project Detail 17
American Entrepreneurs Project Detail 7
American Falls CLG Collection Detail 25
American Federation of Teachers Oral History Project Detail 19
American Foundations Oral History Project Detail 42
American Gay Community Project Detail 1
American Historians Project Detail 28
American Indian Oral History Project Detail 1
American Indian Studies: American Indian Lives Detail 6 6
American Jewish Committee General Biography Collection Detail
American Jewish Committee Oral History Collection Detail
American Jewish Experience in the 20th Century Detail
American Jewish Family Across Three Generations Detail
American Jewish Historical Society Detail 25
American Jewish Women of Achievement Detail
American Jews in Israel: Collection I Detail
American Jews in Israel: Collection II Detail
American Jews in Sports Detail
American Jews of Sephardic Origin Detail
American Journeys: Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement - A Digital Library and Learning Center Detail
American Life Histories, Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project, 1936-1940 Detail 6786
American Meteorological Society Detail 65
American Printing History Association Oral History Project Detail
American Samoa Humanities Council Oral History Project Detail
Americanism Collection Detail
Americans in Vietnam Series Detail 60
Amherst Island Collection Detail
Amherst Island Project Detail 46
Amish Mennonite Experience in Ontario Oral History Project Detail 38
Amnesty International: International Secretariat Oral History Interviews Detail
Amos Beebe Eaton Papers Detail 1 1
Amy Johnson Detail
Anabeth Koob Voigts Papers Detail
Anaheim Community History Project Detail 26
Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Detail 3
Andersonville Diary of Alfred H. Voorhees Detail
Andrew Altman Detail 150
Andrew Brown and Jeanette Hall Family Detail
Andrew Franklin Hilyer Papers Detail
Andrew Gulliford Oral History Collection Detail 37
Andrew Wood Cooley Family Papers Detail 1
Andy Stevens Psychiatric Nursing Interviews Detail 27
Angelica Lynn Rose Atalig Oral History Detail 1
Angelina Weld Grimké Papers Detail
Animal Advocates Oral History Project Detail 43
Animal Welfare Activists Detail 6
Anita Loos Letters to Ray Pierre Corsini Detail 21
Anita Thompson Dickenson Reynolds Collection Detail
Ann Harrigan Makletzoff Papers Detail
Ann Larimer Letters Detail 9
Ann Wardrop Collection Detail 8
Anna Beebe Papers Detail
Anna Julia Cooper Papers Detail
Anna Maria Gove Collection, 1864-1952 Detail
Anna Susan Moore Cheney Diaries Detail
Anne Avantaggio Meyer Papers Detail 6
Anne Halsey Ross Papers Detail
Anne Thackeray Ritchie Biographical Introductions to The Compete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray Detail
Annette Cech Papers Detail
Annie Laurie Turnbull Panning Detail
Anthony Benezet Papers Detail
Anthony J. Lauck Papers Detail
Anthony Kerrigan Papers Detail
Anthropology Project Detail 9
Antique and Classic Boat Society Collection Detail 6
Anton Hanson Family Papers Detail
Anton-Herman Chroust Papers Detail
Apartheid Project Detail 1
Appalachian Oral History Project, 1986-1991 Detail
Appalachian Quilt Project Detail 43
Arboretum History Oral History Detail 8
Archer Gilfillan Papers Detail
Architects' Interviews Collection Detail
Architects Oral History Collection Detail
Architecture Project Detail 3
Archive of Pagany Detail
Archive of The Park 1 Detail
Archives of the National Extension Homemaker's Council Detail 196
Argentina Project Detail 98
Arizona Historical Society Oral Histories Detail
Arlene Gardner Hall Papers Detail
Arlo Bates and George L. Vose Papers Detail
Armed Forces at University of British Columbia Oral History Collection Detail 27 25
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Oral History Program Detail 33 33
Armed Forces Oral History: Korean War Studies and After-Action Reports Detail
Armed Forces Oral History: US Senior Officer Oral History Detail 96
Armed Forces Oral History: World War II Combat Interviews Detail 375
Armed Forces Radio in Sitka and Kodiak Oral History Project Detail 18
Arms Control Policy and the National Security Council Oral History Detail 1 14
Armstrong-Rea Collection Detail 1
Army Museum of Western Australia Oral History Collection Detail 25
Arnold H. Ehlers Oral Histories Detail 2
Arnold McMahan Detail
Aroostook Oral History Project Detail 25
Art Gallery of Ontario Collection Detail 20
Art History: Oral Documentation Project Detail 15
Art, Music, and Performing Arts Oral History Collection Detail 847
Arthur B. Thornthwaite Collection Detail 1
Arthur Carl Lichtenberger Project Detail 4
Arthur Harvey Papers Detail
Arthur Horner Study Detail 4
Arthur J. Hope Papers Detail
Arthur J. Riley Papers Detail
Arthur Levitt Project Detail 13
Arthur Mizener Papers Detail
Arthur Motley Papers Detail
Arthur Preuss Papers Detail
Arthur Reginald Marsden Lower Collection Detail 1
Arthur T. Lewis Oral History Detail 1
Artistes Detail 2
Ashes and Tears Interviews Detail 17
Asian Americans: South Bay/Los Angeles Nisei Detail 16 15
Asian Garment Workers in New York City Detail 5
Asians in Minnesota Oral History Project Detail 39
Askew Family Detail
Aspen Historical Society Oral History Collection Detail
Association for the Aid of Crippled Children Project Detail 10
Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario History Project Collection - Oral History Interviews Detail 70
Assumption University Archives Collection Detail
Atikokan Centennial Museum and Historical Park Collection Detail 25
Atlanta's Black Community and Education, Series O Detail 14
Atrisco Oral History Detail 35
Attack on America: September 11, 2001 and the U.S. Coast Guard Detail 14 14
Aubrey DeVere Papers Detail 4
Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History Oral History Collection Detail
Audio Archive Detail
Audio-Visual Services Detail 5
August Ruihley Papers Detail
Augusta Gustafson Swanson Correspondence Detail
Augusta Historical Society Oral History Collection Detail 102
Auguste Lemonnier Papers Detail
Augustus F. Bull Detail
AURA: Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. Detail 4
Aurora Interview Collection Detail 4
Ausonia Club Oral History Project Detail 8
Austin E. Ford Papers Detail
Austin O'Malley Papers Detail
Australia Bureau of Statistics Oral History Project Detail
Australian Antarctic Division Oral History Collection Detail 100
Australian National Maritime Museum Oral History Collection Detail 47
Australian National University Oral History Project Detail 25
Australian Performing Arts Oral History Collection Detail 200
Australian Rural Medicine Oral History Project in History Detail
Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame Oral History Collection Detail
Austrian Project Detail 24
Autobiographical Sketches of Rural Iowa Women Detail
Autobiography: Edward O. Craft Detail 1
Autobiography: Ernest D. Butler Detail 1
Autobiography: Hobert Billingsley Detail 1
Autobiography: John M. Cooper Detail 1
Autobiography: Mary M. Barr-Koon Detail 1
Autobiography: Raymond Seifert Detail 1
Autobiography: Robert C. Wiles Detail 1
Autograph Abraham Lincoln Documents from the Lincoln Collection at the University of Delaware Detail
Auto-Lite Strike Oral Histories Detail
Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers Detail
Avalon Beach Historical Society Oral History Collection Detail 30
Aviation Project Detail 38
Aviatrix Pioneers Detail 5 2
Avis Childers Cowan Oral History Transcript Detail 1
Ayer Family Papers Detail
Azalia Emma Peet, 1902-1974 Detail
Azerbaijan Oral History Project 1988-1991 Detail 18